Thursday, February 29, 2024

‘The Ring’ set to make a return

With Posh Entertainment’s Hip Hop competition, The Ring, set to make a return this year, The Telegraph took time to talk to last year’s winner, Losika Luzkat Setume and the competition’s organizers, Posh Entertainment, and find out how both have progressed since.

The confident Phikwe emcee said he did not have any fear when entering the competition but was awestruck by the occasion.

“I was nervous in the first round, but from there on, it was the numerous punch lines that I was dropping that won the judges over. Where I’m from, I’m not used to this kind of exposure – models and cameras everywhere. I felt like a superstar and it changed my life,” he said.

Luzkat, who is a Form five drop out, advised the youth to chase their dream whether it’s academic or not. He says though he has yet to experience the good and bad of crazy groupies, he is happy with his newly found fame. He added that Hip Hop fans can expect to hear him on their radios soon.
“Before the end of March I will be on your airwaves,” he said.

Project Manager, Sini “Trigga” Pitsonyane, explained why Posh Entertainment is not just any entertainment group and what makes The Ring competition exceptional.

“It’s not just about winning P5 000. The winner gets a record deal with Posh Entertainment. We are not just trying to be like anything out there. We are going out there to be successful in Botswana; people here have a love for Hip Hop,” said Trigga.

The previous winner received P 5 000, an opportunity to record 2 singles and a new video whilst second and third place received P3 000 and P2 000, respectively.

The show’s biggest sponsors, Yarona FM and Kgalagadi Brewery Limited (KBL), will be making a return and the prize money is expected to go up to P20 000.

This year’s competition will include entrants from other areas around the country, including Francistown, Maun, Phikwe, Kanye and Lobatse.

Trigga, who is also a recording artist with Heaven Sent Productions, said the judges were looking for specific qualities in the contestants.

“The judges looked for swagger, content and confidence,” he said.

He revealed that the contestants are expected to use clean lyrics during their performances in the competition.


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