Monday, June 1, 2020

Our hard won freedoms appear to have been usurped by African leaders

There’s a lot of constitutional thuggery going on including the lockdown itself. The Minister of Justice Ronald Lamola directed that some courts be partially closed. Apparently Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng objected suggesting that Lamola overstepped his constitutional boundaries. There are three arms of government in South Africa, the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary which must operate separately and check one another’s powers. The Chief Justice heads the judiciary and Lamola is in the Executive branch. He has no authority over the judiciary even under lockdown because it must remain independent of the executive and legislative branches of government.

It is the Chief Justice who is heading that arm of government administratively and otherwise. Mogoeng Mogoeng argued, and rightly so, that some people or organisations might want to challenge the lockdown in court and how will they do it when Lamola has closed down some courts. I think guys like Lamola want to use thuggery during this state of disaster to erode the people’s rights because of their nefarious objectives. The reasons put forward to declare a state of disaster are not valid because some epidemiologists say the virus that causes Covid-19 is not contagious. A German microbiology Professor has written an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel telling her, inter alia, that the infectiveness of the corona virus shouldn’t be used to invoke draconian laws. 

There are going to be house visits to check those who are ‘infected’ and they might be forced to be vaccinated. The government can’t force people to be tested. Who knows maybe those testing kits are contaminated? Anybody who wants to be tested should go to the clinic not the government going to their homes. This whole exercise is highly suspicious. If the cooked results indicate positive, people are going to be subjected to forced vaccinations  People can’t be forced to be vaccinated. This lockdown is characterised by thuggery. I won’t agree to be tested because some epidemiologists say the virus they say they are stopping its spread is not contagious. I will not agree to be vaccinated because vaccines introduce diseases they don’t prevent them. 

South Africans should approach the courts to challenge this unjustifiable lockdown to make sure it is not extended and never comes back again. UPROOTING OF PYLONS IN MOCHUDI I once heard that during the tenure of Ian Khama, Kgosi Linchwe or his son Kgosi Kgafela in Mochudi, Botswana once instructed his regiments to go and uproot some pylons that he felt were encroaching into the Royal Palace. I stand corrected. Maybe Kgosi Kgolo realised that Ian Khama’s government wanted to spy on him. What is going on about this 5G technology reminds me of that incident in Mochudi and I wish Bakgatka ba Kgafela could do it with 5G towers in Mochudi because of health hazards scientists say 5G technology poses. The Botswana government has also declared a state of emergency in that country and in the process violating the human rights of its citizens the same way the South African government is doing. 

Before Botswana became independent in 1966, Batswana knew that Kgosi ke Kgosi ka batho meaning a King (in this case the President) is there because of the people.They also believed that Mmualebe o bua la gagwe meaning that every person has the right to express their views no matter how much we may disagree with them. There are also natural rights such as, for example, free movement etc.m,. These are rights and democratic principles inherent in Setswana culture and predated the modern state that was established in 1966. In my view, these rights and democratic principles cannot be subordinated to emergency measures that are meant to fight a viral disease some reputable epidemiologists say is neither contagious nor deadly. A German microbiology Professor said the infectiveness of the corona virus cannot be used to implement draconian measures. So what informs the Botswana government to implement draconian measures? 

People in villages and their Royalty should preserve their pristine communities and institutions from contamination by dangerous Chinese telecommunication technology of 5G network. Ever wondered why governments that gained power through coups de tat arrested politicians, judges, magistrates, some scientists, media moguls and their puppets? It’s because of issues like the massive Covid-19 cover up. It’s lies, lies and lies all over the show. Constitutional Court judges dismissed an application by an NGO seeking direct access to challenge the lawfulness or legality of the lockdown. The lockdown infringes on our rights. Moreover, the reasons put forward to effect it are not valid. So why did the Concourt rule that the NGO’s application had no reasonable prospects for success when a Professor of microbiology in Germany said the inffectiveness of the virus that causes Covid-19 cannot be used to declare a state of emergency. What informed Concourt judges to reach the conclusion they reached? 

If after the lockdown we find out that 5G towers have been erected during the three weeks lockdown period, what does Concourt judges think would be our recourse given the health problems 5G technology pose to the people, animals and environment? Phones will be monitored as from tomorrow and writing anything that is considered against the law may result in arrest. I don’t know when you are going to hear from me again.


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