Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Phiri sues UDC for defamation

Umbrella for Democratic Change has been served with a writ of summons by construction mogul Simbi Phiri of Khato Civils (Pty) Ltd in relations to some alleged distasteful statement against the company.

According to a filling notice dated 16th November 2021, Phiri has roped in Kgosi Ngakaagae and Company to represent him against UDC.

Khato Civils is cited as the 1st plaintiff and Simbi Phiri as the second plaintiff. The matter is scheduled before High Court Judge, Justice Omphemetse Motumisi.

Khato Civils initially issued a press statement against UDC and later a lawsuit following UDC resistance to apologise as requested.

Phiri through his lawyer Ngakaagae stated that they are aggrieved and have expressed deep concern and disappointment over a Media release by UDC dated 18/10/2021.

Khato Civil stated that it was unhappy that it is being portrayed as a beneficiary of an irregularly awarded tender, that its work is substandard and thatit fraudulently hiked tender prices on the Masama/Mmamashia project from P470m to P790m and then to P900m.

In its statement, Khato Civils through Phiri, stated that they are aware that some leading figures in both the ruling party, and the opposition, succumbed to falsehoods peddled by the competitors. That alone, is testament that the tender award was unassailable, on the merits.

Khato argued that, the tender was advertised in March 2018, and it was for Design and construction of approximately 100 km and associated works from Masama wellfield to Mmamashia water treatment plant.

“To that extent, the Umbrella for Democratic Change misconstrued the words of Phiri, and embarked on an unjustified campaign of vitriol, the aggrieved find the substance of the media release unfortunate, to say the least, and accordingly demand a retraction, and apology.”


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