Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Police concerned about convicts escaping from custody

Silvy Sharp is still at large after escaping from police a year ago while under escort to Lobatse’s Athlone Hospital after claiming to be unwell.

Sharp, 21, was serving 20 years in jail after being convicted of numerous offences, ranging from armed robbery to being found in unlawful possession of ivory.

The last time he was seen was when he feigned illness and was transported to a doctor, giving him an opportunity to escape.

“Sharp was serving a 20-year-sentence for various offences, ranging from robbery to unlawful possession of ivory and, as we speak, Sharp is still at large,” said Woodhall Police Station Commander, Assistant Superintendent Tlhageng Rantabe.

His family and other relative are still in the dark about his whereabouts.

“I m very concerned about convicts who escape from custody as some of them are dangerous to the community because they continue with their bad behavior of committing similar offences,” said Rantabe.

Sharp escaped together with three other convicts, Tebogo Mohammed, Gorata Tshekiso and Kagiso Basima, who were re-arrested shortly afterwards. The three were also serving 15 years to 18 years in jail for similar offense.

In another incident, Selibe Phikwe Police Station Commander, Superintendent Victor Nlebesi, said: “It is more than two years now since the police embarked on a manhunt for murder suspect, Vincent Mkandla, who is around 35 years, is still at large, after escaping from police custody.”
Added Nlebesi: “The manhunt for Mkandla will continue for the rest of his life.”

Mkandla is accused of chopping to death a police constable in Mmadinare in January 2010. At the time of the murder, he had escaped from police custody in Masunga after being arrested for threatening to kill his girlfriend.

The police constable was killed at the girlfriend’s house in Mmadinare where he and his colleague were guarding her. Police are offering P25 000 reward for information leading to Mkandla’s arrest.
Selibe Phikwe police have also expressed concern over a spate of burglaries involving bars and shops in Mmadinare.

Nlebesi said that although they have arrested a number of suspects, the police are disappointed that the suspects are granted bail by the courts only to commit similar crimes, often using new tactics.

He called on the business community to engage night-watchmen at their premises. He also lamented that when police call meetings to strategise on crime prevention measures with the business community, very few turn up.


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