Thursday, April 25, 2024

Riverwalk to Host Gaborone Health and Wellness Expo

While it is apparent that more Batswana are flocking to gyms to get their bodies fit and toned, many are still set in their unhealthy habits which have them struggling with major health setbacks. Recent reports have it that more than one third of Batswana are on the obese scale, and the number of people plagued with lifestyle related diseases continues to skyrocket. In a bid to have Batswana reflecting on their health and encourage many to no longer resign their wellness to chance, Gaborone Health and Wellness Expo has organised its second annual exhibition which intends to raise this much need awareness on health issues.
The expo, which is facilitated by a wellness company called WellOne, promises to be more engaging and entertaining this year as it will be coming to one of the city’s most visited malls; Riverwalk. It will be spanning from August 7 to August 9 ÔÇô showcasing successful businesses as well as business opportunities available in the industries of medical services, fitness, nutrition, organics, beauty, rejuvenation, and holistic living.
One of the co-founders of the event, Stephen Modimakwane, says this year’s expo will be more exciting as it comes with new editions. “We have made provisions to have 30 exhibitors during the expo. Apart from the showcasing, there will be free seminars for participants to learn from different health experts, live demonstrations for participants to know how to do it right, health screenings to check basic health conditions, and giveaways to add a thrill to the expo experience.”
With the health and wellness industry still in its budding phase in Botswana, the expo is a unique show that exposes the booming interest in wellness. “Our company offers customised health services for both public and private organisations and this expo is a premier event that showcases some sustainable solutions for people to live a healthier life,” comments Steven.
Speaking on the choice of venue, Steven says Riverwalk is ideal due to its high traffic of consumers. “Last year we had the event at GICC which had its limitation as many people did not find it accessible; hence we decided to partner with Riverwalk this time around.” Adding to what he explains as a learned experience that comes with hosting a first show, he enthuses that this year will draw more people and gain their exhibitors new customers.
The expo will kick off with a Health and Wellness Conference on Friday 7th August at Capitol Cinemas from 8am until 1pm. General admission to the expo is free to the public. It is an event tailored for the whole family as it is also inclusive of a ‘Kiddies Zone’ which will have a fair share of activities and games for children to embed healthier living at a younger age.
Registration for the ‘Fresh Friday’ aerobathon is P150.
To secure your exhibitor space and for sponsorship opportunities, call 317 0620 or email [email protected]. For more information on the expo, visit their Facebook page: Gaborone Health and Wellness Expo.


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