Thursday, July 9, 2020

Sebina brothers seek court to interdict DIS

Businessmen and brothers Kegone Sebina and Tshepo Sebina have approached the courts challenging a warrant of entry into their business premises by state security agents.

They seek the courts to interdict the law enforcement agencies especially the Services (DIS) to refrain from further “persecution, harassment and ill-treatment”

They were raided by the (DIS), the Botswana Police Service (BPS), the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) and the Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS) who confiscated company documents issues relating to tax evasion last year.

They are accusing Brigadier Peter Magosi of acting in bad faith in his investigations in an affidavit deposed before court. They own a construction company currently constructing Gaborone/Boatle dual carriage road project.

The businessmen accuse the DIS of breaking into their offices and freezing their accounts with First Capital Bank, Wesbank, Standard Chartered Bank and fear loss of business.

“On the 24th August 2019 and 14 September 2019 offices of Estate Construction (PTY) Ltd were broken into at night and the only items stolen therein were computer servers and hard drives. On the 23rd September 2019 offices were broken into at night and a computer as well as a closed circuit were stolen,”

“The timing of these break-ins instances and he nature of items stolen raise serious suspicion and concern.’ The argue.

‘’Orders have been given to government Departments to stop payments due to Estate Construction on the Kanye Project and a company which employs a very huge workforce has gone without being paid for actual work done for more than five months now. The company is crippled and is being brought down to its knees deliberately. Building have been entered into by the task force harassing tenants, introducing themselves to everyone and instilling fear and insecurity to both employees.’’ said Sebina brothers.

The brothers are praying and seeking court intervention because they fear that if the investigations can be allowed to continue the company will collapse.

“Such conduct of the Task Force cannot be in pursuant of a genuine and bona fide investigation but rather it is a clearly meant to achieve a total shut down of all the business of the Sebina brothers,” said the brothers.

The company prays to court that all documents and properties confiscated from Estate Construction (PTY) LTD premises be immediately released to the company.

The company further prays for an order directing that the Task Force (members of DIS, DCEC, BURS and the BPS) be interdicted forthwith from further persecution, harassment and ill-treatment of Sebina brothers.

The DIS, who are respondents in the case, has stated the major reason for obtaining a warrant of search and seizure was because millions of Pula are believed to have been siphoned out of the DIS coffers around the time when Isaac Kgosi was the Director General. The State sought to know where the money went to and who the beneficiaries were.


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