Monday, July 22, 2024


The Daily Shake programme is designed in a fun and beneficial manner for any individual, seeing that it provides challenging and exciting workouts to help kick start a fitness enthusiasts’ active lifestyle.

Daniel Moeng of Pump and Flex BW is the main fitness instructor and the brainchild behind The Daily Shake Programme said that: “We are result driven and we guarantee that all our clientele get the best training methods there are.”

On Mondays, Moeng takes his clients through Low Intensity Classes which include full body weight works outs. These comprise of stretching routines and a light walks which are also good for people who are obese and have heart conditions. Tuesdays present the Boxercise programme which is a form of exercise based on boxing training, but involves no physical contact or hitting. Moeng noted that: “It encompasses a mixture of boxing movements and a form of aerobics to be able to excel in it.”

Throughout those classes, trainees do press-ups, shuttle runs, sit-ups, skipping and shadow-boxing. The benefits of this training take into account the strengthening of muscles, increased stamina, releases your aggression and improves concentration.

The abdominal program is undertaken on Wednesdays where Moeng takes his trainees though a strict workout session, which therefore enhances performance and strength abdomens and back.

Trainees perform various plank exercises such as the side plank, plank with leg up and sit ups.  Body toning is done on Thursdays, which is the exercising of muscles in a number of techniques to keep fit along with having a body to die for.

Moeng highlighted that: “It involves full body weight work out, both basic and more intense workouts for advanced clients as this exercise targets all muscle groups”.

“My experience from staying abroad and training in a first world country has made me one of the best and most sort after fitness instructors,” remarked Moeng.”


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