Monday, May 16, 2022

VP thwarts plea to stand for elections

Some members of the Botswana Democratic Party’s Mmadinare Region Committee tried to persuade ┬áVice President Ponatshego Kedikilwe to contest ┬áfor elections in 2014 but failed.

The committee members were convinced that they could persuade Kedikilwe to contest  since he had never announced officially to the committee that he wanted to quit active politics.

Tuelo Metseyabeng, BDP Mmadinare Branch Chairman, confirmed that there were some members in the committee who had wished that Kedikilwe could contest for 2014 elections.

“They had wished that he could contest in 2014; it was raised by individuals and was not the committee recommendations. They were convinced that they could possibly talk to him about the issue because he had never officially informed the committee about the move but only announced in Kgotla meetings,” said Metseyabeng.

He noted during the interview that the Vice President announced that he will not be contesting when he met with the committee last week in Mmadinare.

Metseyabeng indicated that those members never raised the issue when he officially informed the committee about his intention to quit active politics.

He added that some of those members who had wished that Kedikilwe would contest for elections had indicated that there was a need to look for someone who could be a match for him.

He emphasised that since Kedikilwe had also indicated that he will not contest, the committee and the party were also looking at replacing him with a candidate who will win the constituency in 2014.
Among those who are linked to the area are Kefentswe Mzwinila, who is currently a specially elected councillor in Sowa Town and the Assistant Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Gloria Semolekae.


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