Thursday, November 30, 2023

Wine Uncorked: A floral and pastel delight at Avani 

Avani Gaborone Resort was transformed into a haven of blossoms and pastels this past Saturday, September 23, 2023, as wine enthusiasts and socialites gathered for a delightful evening of wine, music, and camaraderie. “Wine Uncorked,” the resort’s much-anticipated wine tasting picnic, lived up to expectations as a must-attend event in Gaborone.

Underneath a clear Botswana sky, guests adorned in vibrant colors arrived with anticipation, eager to savor an array of wines and soak in the ambiance of this idyllic setting. Avani spared no effort in ensuring that every detail of the event was meticulously planned, from the beautifully decorated tables to the music and, of course, the endless flow of wine.

Loungo ‘King Bee’ Pitse, the charismatic MC for the night, set the tone for the evening with his infectious energy and witty banter, putting some of the guests on the spot with questions about their love for wines. Botswana Tourism Organization (BTO) Public Relations Manager Moabi Keaikitse had everybody in stitches with his response: “Wine is the best alternative for antidepressants on a weekend.” 

King Bee’s vibrant personality resonated with the guests, making them feel at ease. Wine Uncorked was off to a fantastic start.

The highlight of the evening, undoubtedly, was the impressive selection of wines on display. Wine enthusiasts were treated to a curated selection that catered to diverse palates. Whether you were a fan of dry reds, sparkling varieties, refreshing rosés, the lusciously sweet reds, or bubbly, there was something to satisfy every taste bud. Wine dealers showcased their finest offerings, providing valuable insights into the world of wine for eager connoisseurs.

Guests had the opportunity to explore and savor each wine, engaging in discussions with the knowledgeable dealers and sharing their thoughts with fellow wine enthusiasts. The event was a wine lover’s dream come true, offering a chance to discover new favorites and deepen their appreciation for the art of winemaking.

As glasses clinked and laughter filled the air, the atmosphere was undeniably joyful. The garden, illuminated by soft, twinkling lights, created an enchanting backdrop for conversations and connections to flourish. It was a sight to behold as friends and strangers alike bonded over their shared love for wine.

Adding to the magical atmosphere, the live music performance was a delightful accompaniment to the evening. DJs Jazzy Dee and Boogie Sid serenaded the crowd, creating a soothing ambiance that perfectly complemented the wine tasting experience. The combination of great wine, good company, and soulful melodies was nothing short of perfection.

As the night unfolded, it became evident that Saturday wasn’t just about wine, but a celebration of life’s simple pleasures. The camaraderie among guests, the appreciation for fine wines, and the overall sense of community made this evening truly special.

Avani Gaborone Resort’s “Wine Uncorked” once again proved itself as a standout event in the city’s social calendar. It was an evening that celebrated the beauty of wine, the magic of music, and the joy of togetherness. As the stars shone above and glasses were raised in cheer, it was a reminder that life’s most memorable moments are often the simplest ones shared with friends and loved ones.


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