Friday, June 21, 2024

World Oath distances themselves from DIS ‘lawsuit

Lerumo Mogobe Legal Practitioners, the law firm that claims to be representing World Oath in an alleged P15 million lawsuit against the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) this week found itself facing a possible Power-of-Attorney fraud scandal.

World Oath have distanced themselves from the letter of demand written by Lerumo Mogobe Legal practitioners on their behalf.Documents in the possession of the Sunday Standard suggests that Lerumo Mogobe Legal Practitioners who claim to represent World Oats in the law suit are acting on faked authority. In a letter written to the Director General of the DIS Peter Magosi, World Oath sole Director Temo Tau distanced himself from the letter of demand issued by Lerumo Mogobe Legal Practitioners and apologized to the spy agency.

“We would like to formally and humbly respond to the trending letter of demand issued by a certain Lerumo Mogobe Attorneys to your organization in demand of BWP 15,000,000.00 claim that is said to be owed to us in lieu of services rendered to your organization at your instruction,” the letter reads.

The company said it was unfortunate that they had to learn about the developments through social media.“We are shocked by these malicious claims and utterances as we have never given anyone nor law firm a statutory for such claims. We find this very defamatory and tantamount to tarnish (sic) the image of your good organization, yourself and together with our company,” Tau said.

The company said they were “investigating” the claims to establish the facts of the “motive”. Sunday Standard raised records from the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) which confirmed that Temo Tau is the only director of World Oath. Tau’s letter suggests that Lerumo Mogobe Legal Practitioners acted on a forged Special Power of Attorney to sue and defend. The law firm is suspected to have prepared a power of attorney for one Benks Mabengano with two witnessing signatures which was made to appear that World Oath authorized him to sue the DIS.

Further investigations have suggested that World Oath board resolution may have been forged, giving Mabengano authority to instruct Lerumo Mogobe Legal Practitioners to sue on behalf of the company.

The lawyers acting for the company, Lerumo Mogobe Legal Practitioners, were at sixes and sevens when asked by Sunday Standard about who instructed them to issue the letter of demand.“All I can say is that Word Oath are the ones who instructed us to serve the DIS with the letter of demand,” attorney Tsholofelo Mvungama could not commit to naming the people who instructed him on behalf of the company. He would not answer to Sunday Standard inquiries on who instructed the law firm, who sat in the board that took the resolution, who signed the power of attorney and who the two witnesses to the special power of attorney are.

The shady letter of demand has become the basis for media reports that, “Directorate of Intelligence and Services and its Director General Peter Magosi have found themselves entangled in yet another controversy, this comes after two Directors at World Of Oath (Pty) Ltd (names withheld) slapped them with a demand of  P15 million for services rendered to the DIS,” read another story from the media.

The media reports said in the letter of demand through attorney Mvungama of Lerumo Mogobe Legal Practitioners that the company indicated that sometime early 2019 and throughout the year, DIS engaged them and requested for various services. More reports followed alleging harassment and death threats by DIS Director Magosi.“The alleged threat-to-kill investigation follows whispers by some sources that the directors of World of Oath, Temo Tau and Benks Mabengano allegedly approached the police recently to report the threat-to-kill,” the media reported, “According to sources, after delivering the letter of demand to DIS and Attorney General, Magosi continued to call Tau and Mabengano threatening them.”


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