Sunday, June 23, 2024

Annual Beach Party makes priority improvements

Marred with controversy from last year, the Gaborone Annual Beach Party is back this time with a new information centre in the form of a website. The website will be used to disseminate all the information that the public needs to know about the event.

Their 2013 edition of the party was followed by rumours of rape, murder and drugs which went viral on social media thus tainting its name. According to Tumelo Lekolwane, who is the co-founder of this annual event, theirs is an interactive website where visitors will be able to book and buy tickets, get all the information regarding the event and they will be treated to a 15 minute video from the previous party.

In the video, Lekolwane explained to ‘The Telegraph” that there are clips showing people buying tickets, entering the location, swimming, dancing as well as short interviews of attendants sharing their feelings about the event. Visitors on the site will also be able to write blogs, and this year there is a slot displaying various artists where they will also be able to vote for their preferred artists and Djs. Those with the most votes will be selected to perform at the 2014 Beach Party.

Furthermore, people will be able to buy branded merchandise on the website which basically entails all forms of beachwear, caps, t shirts, sunglasses and thongs.

Lekolwane explained further that they will continue to use social media, and all comments made on their Facebook page will also be available on the website.

The concept started 5 years ago and as it is entailed in the name, the main aim was to give Batswana the ultimate Beach experience seeing as they are in a landlocked country.

ÔÇó This year’s beach party, however, will no longer be at the Lion Park where it was previously held. It will be moved to a location to be disclosed at a later stage. The reason for the move was primarily because the event has grown so they were looking for a bigger space this time around. Lekolwane also indicated that sorting out security and safety logistics was a bit of an issue.

ÔÇó This year the Annual Beach Party will run from 10am till 12 midnight on December 6th 2014. To manage and control the crowd, tickets will be available at Liquorama, a liquor store which hopefully will sell to people eligible to drinking, hence maintaining the no under 18 rule of the party.


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