Saturday, February 24, 2024

Dibeela differs with UDC on Isaac Kgosi arrest

Botswana National Front Vice President has broken ranks with Umbrella for Democratic Change saying he personally does not see anything wrong with the arrest of Isaac Kgosi.

Speaking to the Sunday Standard Reverend Dr Prince Dibeela said the arrest of Kgosi has given many Batswana hope that the war against corruption can be won.

Kgosi, a former head of intelligence services (DIS) was recently arrested at the airport as he arrived from abroad.

After his arrest, the UDC which is a coalition of parties led by the BNF released a statement criticising the Kgosi arrest.

The UDC said it criticized what it termed the Hollywood style arrest. The release also hinted at the possibility that Kgosi’s dignity had been undermined.

“Their right to dignity must be respected. This has always been our principled position and it will remain unchanged regardless of who the victim is. We also remain concerned about selective arrests. This latest arrest definitely arises out of the Khama/Masisi Feud. This is a feud that is slowly tearing not only the BDP apart, but also the nation as well. State institutions have not been spared,” said a statement signed by UDC head of communications, Moeti Mohwasa.

Mohwasa is also BNF Secretary General.

But in the interview Rev. Dibeela said he hoped the arrest of Kgosi would precipitate the arrest of others suspected of corruption or related crimes. 

“The DIS is clearly a new institution under its new leadership. I personally did not see anything wrong. There was certainly no humiliation. He [Kgosi] was not slapped the way he used to do suspects and other people that he arrested. For me the arrest was very civic and cordial,” said Dr Dibeela.

He said like many other Batswana, he saw nothing wrong.

“State corruption had become institutionalized. We should not be apologetic for fighting corruption,” he said.

Dr Dibeela stance which is not in synch with that of his party will not please his other colleagues in the top leadership.

But it will be a rallying cry for many opposition activists who were disappointed by the official position of their party which for them reflected a leadership out of touch with the popular mood and the national pulse.


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