Saturday, June 22, 2024

Magang rallies women in sports to challenge “the old boys club”

Tsoseletso Magang a family woman, sports leader and former athlete sets out to inspire young women into developing sport acumen. She says for her it has been a dream come true to mentor others so they can take up leadership positions in sports.

Speaking at the first of its kind monthly open discussions last week, which is in preparation for the International Women Group on Women and Sport which is scheduled for next year May from the 17th to the 20th, Magang emphasized the need for mentorship programs and having role models as women.

Under the theme “A woman in sport”, said people should take part in sports and also take it in line with their career, for there is life after sports.

She said, “I have harbored this thought for a long time now, I thought I should take advantage of the fact that Botswana will be hosting the conference, and said if this is one of the forums for empowering someone to register to present at it, then I challenge all of us here to take part. I engage you to submit abstracts”.

She further said women in sports in BNOC board only account for 17% whilst 83% goes to male. It continues to show how males dominate, even where women can stand up and show their capabilities.

Tsoseletso highlighted that her interest is in women development in sports, and exposing how discussions about gender in sports are largely absent. She said, “Have women’s attitudes towards working in male dominated environments changed? No, it hasn’t, how then do we see this changing if we cannot stand up as females and take lead.

Moreover, there is always unconscious bias training that does not close the gender gap in sports, as people reportedly run sport as an ‘Old boys club’, which should not be the case.

“We need firm and clear political commitment in gender mainstreaming, not just awareness but policy changes as well. A need for institutional allocation, capacity build up as women, advocacy and promotion is clearly visible,” she said.

It could not go unnoticed that all these comes with personal development and self-promotion of a woman who is determined to make a change in sports, especially that is male dominated. Tsoseletso added that “Women have to engage greatness in themselves and one another, improve lives- little things can build a mountain, make a difference in someone’s life and also achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes”.

Moreover, there are very little sports careers for women especially on graduates experiences and expectations, and it is women who can navigate careers with gendered environments and own up to them. Setting and achieving goals in sports should be done and adhered to, for success in one’s chosen field.

She concluded: “Women carry almost all care giving responsibilities; as such it is important that they balance work, family and sports. With the power of olympism instilled in us, we can take over the world. Women should increase participation in physical activities, give others tips for gaining confidence and thus curbing sedentary behaviors that has taken over our children.”


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